One thing that getting into contact with the animals, birds, insects and plants around me is that I have become a hell of a lot more concerned about the environment. I have taken steps to live more lightly on this planet and made sure that everything I do is thought through so that it can have as small an impact as I can. Of course, just my presence on this planet means that I will be having a massive impact on it and the pollution, habitat loss and consumerism are not going to slow down unless some pretty radical global policies are put into place but the least I can do is be responsible for my own life, pollution and buying choices.

  • We have ordered an electric car, to be delivered this autumn, after using the electric car already used by my husband’s company, I fell in love with it and decided that my main car had to be electric also, considering that 90% of all my trips are within a 20 mile radius of my house it made sense. My car is a Renault vegetables 1Kangoo ZE.
  • I eat a plant-based diet. Going vegan was the best thing that I have done. It can be one of the major impacts that individuals can have on the planet. I transitioned over slowly and cleansed myself at the same time from a parasite infection that I had picked up when I was living in China. It may seem really daunting at first, but once you make the commitment and stick to it, it becomes easier.
  • eating local. I eat as much produce as I can from local producers at the weekly market
  • boycotting animal products. It is not just the eating of animals which impacts the planet so greatly, but also the consumption of animal goods such as fur and leather. Its easy to find alternatives.
  • slow fashion. Coming from the background that I have and seeing first hand factories in China and other Far Eastern countries, there is absolutely no choice for me except to buy second hand, swap or not buy at all. I have a core wardrobe so it is quite easy to forget about new purchases altogether until my clothes fall apart.
  • limited travel. This is a big one for me. I believe that if people took more interest in their own neighbourhoods the lure of foreign travel would not be so strong. They would then want to preserve what they have around them and would not be able to go to another country and trash it. I have stopped travelling to foreign countries for holidays completely. I make only absolutely necessary and urgent flights to the UK and travel by camper van for short holidays in France but mostly I stay at home and enjoy what i have on my doorstep.
  • less packaging. Every time I throw something in the bin my heart sinks. I have this continual eco-depression about it. So I try to spend my money in shops which have less packaging, make my own cosmetics and keep other purchases to the minimum otherwise.
  • no Christmas. Well, it makes sense doesn’t it? I don’t mean that I do not celebrate the winter solstice, its just that I do not participate in consumerism around that time of year.