i will not eat

i i i i’m in it i i i’m i i inside i i i is i’ll i i’m i ill i

will will will want words will will will with waves wake will wrangle with will well wish where wonderful what witch who with what worst worst worst which

not not not not nothing not not no-one never nimble not never nothing no now no-one

eat eat eat eat everything eruption eat eat exchange enough even

your you you you your your your you you’ll your you you your your your you you your you you your you you you you you

food from face feed forkful feed force fingers flying fed forsake fault fucking fucking feed


[selected words from my journal 5th Dec 2016
as part of the Against English: Dialects, Distortions and New Vocabularies
Poetry School course]

oxlip (autocorrect of = oulipo)

started the poetry school course ‘against english: dialects, distortions and new vocabularies’ today with an experiment:


  1. the book “woman and nature” by susan griffin: page 20. take out all the words beginning with: woman.  and make the first stanza out of these words.
  2. “woman and nature” by susan griffin. page 193. take out all the words beginning with nature. and make the second stanza out of these words.

this book is very close to my heart at the moment, as i continue my journey into feminism and one that has changed the way i think about the world (along with ‘wild: an elemental journey’ by jay griffiths and ‘the beauty myth’ by naomi wolf) and it is interesting that even though you can write in a very restricted way, it is possible that something profound can come out of it.