books that have really changed the way i think about the world; the way i act …

Although i have found that books are absolutely not necessary (& can often be detrimental) to nurturing a deep and lasting connection with nature, all i wanted at one point in my life was to learn through other people’s words & so i read much about philosophy, environmentalism & deep ecology from many authors whom i now cherish. Many of them, i have met or have had correspondences with, such as the great Robert Wolff, who sadly passed away in 2015. I urge you to read his book ‘Original Wisdom’ in which he illustrates the power of surrender & the practice of acute attention in the wild. i had a long email correspondence with him in 2010 & learnt many things from him. His fictional books are also wonderful reads. Patrick Jasper Lee was another influential author for me, whose books i came to love & whom i have had the privilege of meeting & working with intensively.

If you click on & buy any of these books then i will earn a very small percentage of the total sale; not something i’m totally fine about, as i make a habit of supporting independent publishers & bookshops directly, so if you feel you need to go straight to the source, then please feel free but i have given you the Amazon UK option below anyway for ease of gathering more information:

The Origin of Science: On the Evolutionary Roots of Science and its Implications for Self-Education and Citizen Science by [Liebenberg, Louis]