in which i note down some things i have been in to and i am grateful to have been influenced by

1 – 10

//biophilia /the deep now /prog rock /sci-fi stories /Emerson, Lake & Palmer /pond life /suburbia /the Outer Limits /space /Alan Lee & Brian Froud;

10 – 20

//80s music /Thomas Dolby /goths (nowadays redefined as emos) /The Grey King /graveyards /the Pre-Raphaelites /Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? /Ursula le Guin /the Cure; 

20 – 30

//90s music /Italy /Tess of the D’Urbervilles /London /The Royal College of Art /Björk /binary /fashion design /the industrial engineering dept. /mass production /the Far East /brain tumours /depression; 

30 – 40

//exile /earth-mothering /animism /home education /unschooling /fairy tales /folk music /mountains /David Abram /Stephen Harrod-Buhner /Rain of Ashes /bushcraft /Original Wisdom;

40 – 50 

//reconciliation /non-duality /Advaita Vedanta /illness /death /poetry /bacteria /microscopes /Ex-Machina /Donna J. Haraway /Jon Young /Rachel Brice /my dog (called Juno);