poet. ecofeminist. mother.


/she is really good & at the time she has a good idea
she is the most beautiful & wonderful & most beautiful lady
I have ever heard from

~ a #predictivebio made for me by my iPhone 5.



      • 2018 – ‘Last Supper’ commended in Hippocrates Poetry & Medicine Prize; published in Anthology of the same name.
      • 2017 – ‘in stasis’ published in Magma #68 ‘Margins’ issue.
      • 2016 – ‘The Aviary’ short-listed in the Bridport Prize.
      • 2016 – ‘Mother’ long-listed in the Plough Prize.
      • 2012 – ‘Fugue’ long-listed in the National Poetry Competition.

/design work:

      • 2000 – Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust Bursary for weaving.
      • 1994 – M.A. (R.C.A.) Woven Textile Design with Fashion from the Royal College of Art, London.

/the most important work of all:

      • 2002 to 2018 – I gave birth, nurtured & homeschooled my two daughters.



the poetry i most seek out is not from the polished pages of literary magazines, poetry collections or anthologies in a library or bookshop but is from

such a chance thing
as a shopping list written
on a scrap of paper, found flapping
at the bottom of an empty cart
one wet afternoon
outside the supermarket

& it is in honour of that shopping list that i write this blog, for i too wish to send a shopping-list-of-sorts out into the world; nothing fancy, nothing finished, nothing particularly profound, just a long note-to-self jotted down perhaps, for no one else in particular to ever read

& it is because of this shopping list that i dare to call myself somekindofa poet, for since i was 12 years old i have written – only ever in journals or on scraps of paper – lists & notes; mainly for my own sanity & self-council but also to somehow ‘record’ the mass of raging ideas i always seem to have carousing around in my head

& yes, since & have long ago given up my career as a designer & my children are on the cusp of leaving home & what i have left qualifies me as somekindofa poet, then …

… this, wondrously, is all I have to offer.