when you are deep in the act of becoming things have to continuously move

  1. tentacular* as an entry point:
    earthbound, creature-like, multi-aspectational, reaching out &
    feeling into holes, searching for newer connections, many-twisted
  2. an alternative to the lineal, patriarchal, polarised thinking that
    has dominated western ideology for centuries.
  3. every-direction slipperiness &
    weird thought-nurturing
  4. ‘what am i’ unless that i is itself,
    ambiguous? why be defined?
  5. less defined, more expansive, oceanic:
    more connected to all manner of odd things**
  6. i have been doing it already,
    been doing it in fact, since i was young
    refusing to be defined, though ‘wild’ &
    even that i see, is now an outmoded concept***
  7. i just was never able to put a name to it
    i have been moving from one tentacle to another
  8. the beauty of it
  9. because it does not have to make sense

*used extensively by Donna Haraway in her book ‘Staying With the Trouble: Making Kin in the Cthtulucene’.

**that is why my bio has been made for me by the predictive text on my phone. i have spent a long time with these devices & it is odd that i have yet to connect with their personalities. how comforting it is to know that they too, have a soul that speaks.

***for nothing can be said to be truly wild on this planet if it is being filtered through our naming of it.