ocean bottom filter-feeding at its best

donna haraway. staying with the trouble. audiobook /digesting in small chunks. hard to work out some of the new words constantly opening dictionary making notes. but i really like her voice she reads it like a novel in places. guess it is. not sure how pigeons tie into it all? surely humans are exploiting them too?

björk utopia. you tube /i only have headspace for one vid day possibly. but she coalesces everything of meaning in my world and always will. new discoveries. wish i was working in the fashion department of the rca again. she says it is possible to channel a certain year in your life and that you can set up. and tap into. neural highways to it wherever you are. im in 1993 right now. dont want to leave anytime soon. the real world can wait.

inhaling Ursula le Guin. books and forums /as always. so open to new posibilities. lining them up like a playlist.

simon sublime and christian bök. twitter and online experimentation /i found out about these men working with bacteria. i found out what they had set up. what they are experimenting with. it gives me great hope for my future creatively. i want to be put in the ground in a mushroom suit when i die. i guess it will be the work of what donna haraday calls companion species

crispin best. online poems  /he”s just a quiet guy who likes to stay in. this is the future. where a poem can change every ten minutes. where inputs from machines are just as valid as human emotions. re: turing test. ex-machina. where bjōrk”s car parts, bottles and cutlery are also just as valid. it is the age of a new technological mash-up after all. we are right in the thick of it (but we must not forget the night heron)

“The core of me is in bed having a panic attack about death; everything else is an attempt to get away from that.” yep. aint that the truth.