15th April 2018

I have been away for a while, trying to keep away from anything with a screen as I try to improve my eyesight with the Bates Method. It is going very well and at the moment, after six weeks of eye exercises, relaxation and time spent outdoors, I have been able to reduce my prescription from +3.50 to +2.00 for reading. More about this in a future post.

But now I am back with some things to report. Firstly, I have been searching all over the valley for a good sit~spot so that I can start my awareness practice and I think that today I finally came across one that I really like, after looking at nearly ten different spots in all. It is up on the opposite hill and overlooks the valley and the house. I stumbled upon it as I was walking the dog and it was as if I had come into this enchanted glade. It was so full of birds, jays, blackbirds, all kinds of passerines and I know that there are owls there too, as I have heard their calls coming from that direction in the evening before. Of course, I scared them all away as I came into the glade, with a huge bird plough, but because the ground is very undulating in that area and I was hidden from view until the very last minute, I was able to see lots of them before they disappeared, which was quite unusual for me when I walk with the dog who is usually far in ahead stirring up all kinds of turbulence. There are the foundations of a lovely ruined stone hut right in the middle of the glade, which will make a very nice base to sit on and I think that I will even be able to set up a hammock on it for some overnight camping soon.

Secondly, I have finally made up my mind to enrol on the Kamana Online Nature Awareness Course because I have been totally inspired by Jon Young and his wilderness school. I’m very excited about it. The first level lasts for approx. one month and it involves awareness exercises and the start of the flora and fauna inventory for the area I live in. I would like to eventually work my way up to level 4, which takes approximately four years to complete. I have also made the decision that I am going to apply for the Anake Outdoor Training, which is a follow-on and compliment to the Kamana program and takes place over nine months in Washington State in the U.S., I will not be able to attend that for another three years however, as I am still homeschooling my eldest daughter here in France with the youngest now in school but three years should give me enough time to save up some of the money I need for the fees and travel expenses. In the meantime, I will work on the Kamana levels and set my mind towards America.