14th March 2018

I was out very early this morning before dawn. I decided that I needed to get to my sit~spot before it got light and I just about made it when the birds started singing. Nothing happened really for the whole of the 40 minutes that I sat there expect me feeling really cold. I wasn’t bored though and it was quite magical watching everything turn from the shapeless dark to the familiar daytime forms of trees and cliffs. After half an hour I heard a scraping right above me and coming down the trunk of the tree I was leaning against was the most beautiful red squirrel, who had obviously been sitting up there since dawn thinking of a way to get down passed me. He ran up the tree again and over to the next tree and down and off, completely black with lovely big ear tufts. My first animal sighting at my sit~spot.

Spring has definitely arrived as later in the day I saw the black redstart sitting on the washing line, eyeing up the meal worms I had put under the bird table. He heralds the start of spring for me, and I was truly uplifted to see him. He will stay all summer, and call and call, hopefully his mate will reach here soon too.

Just as it was getting dark, I saw something new on the bird table – a serin was underneath it, and that is the first one I have seen for a long time.