8. 1. 2018.

it is quite conceivable that an artist can paint with words too JUST

because they want to explore the shape the way words maKe
on the page> j u x t a p o s e <concrete

(((((∫∫∫∫∫∫∫∫∫∫\\\\\\\ LINES & CURVES )))))))))––––––––––––///////////

if it is quite possible to make an artist’s statement bit-by-bit &
keep on growing with it then that is what i will do /they are concrete & /it is possible to paint with words/ the meaning of words constantly change/ sometimes thru little mistakes
the possibilities of all this are endless/ if what i am exploring always changes/ then how can i form a definitive statement about it¶

i must also change

what is it that i want to explore¶
that which i feel it  changes about me

î discovered poetry &
i used to it record &
assimilate feelings about the death of my brother on 6. 2. 2016./ i used the page as canvas/ then from those 22 poems a cycle of artwork began

the last poem <flick ßook> was an ending &
also it came out of the pages &

so was born .

josef beuys artist as shaman/anselm kiefer