“Sir David Attenborough might not be the first person feminists cite as their idol, but it is difficult to find fault in his emboldening interconnected analysis of gender inequality:

We are such a densely populated country, the world is only so big. You simply can’t go on increasing forever, so something’s going to stop it. Either we can stop it or the natural world will stop it for us. You’ll discover in countries where women have control over their own bodies, where they have education, where they have birth control, where they have facilities and where they are literate, when those things happen, the birth rate falls, 

always, always.

The only way we can halt overpopulation is by ensuring women have the vote, a decent education and political freedom across the world. Where women are given the rights over their own bodies; where they have political independence; where they have medical facilities to enable them to control the number of children they bear; where they are literate; where they have the vote; When those things happen, the birth rate falls. And that is a great start so that should be a lesson to us as to why we should send more help and not less to the parts of the world that face those problems.

from here and here.


such a chance thing
as a shopping list written
on a scrap of paper, found flapping
at the bottom of an empty cart
one wet afternoon
outside the supermarket

Since i was twelve years old i have only ever written in journals or on scraps of paper – lists & notes; mainly for my own sanity & self-council but also to somehow ‘record’ the mass of raging ideas i always seem to have carousing around in my head

& because those thoughts seemed to me to be somehow dangerous, they were left hidden, protected

& because i still feel a little strange seeing my writing made public, i see this blog as just a shopping list of sorts; nothing fancy, nothing finished, nothing particularly profound, just a long ‘note to self’ jotted down perhaps, for no one else in particular to ever read- a work-in-progress

& because when i started collecting, re-reading & re-arranging all the haphazard ‘shopping lists’ i’d written in my life, i thought i may dare to start calling myself some-kind-ofpoet

& because i have long ago given up my career as a designer & my children are on the cusp of leaving home

& if i can allow myself the continued privilege of being some-kind-ofpoet

then this ~ wondrously ~ in all its half thought-out musings & hurried jottings, has become something incredibly vital and completely necessary to my everyday life


i will not eat

i i i i’m in it i i i’m i i inside i i i is i’ll i i’m i ill i

will will will want words will will will with waves wake will wrangle with will well wish where wonderful what witch who with what worst worst worst which

not not not not nothing not not no-one never nimble not never nothing no now no-one

eat eat eat eat everything eruption eat eat exchange enough even

your you you you your your your you you’ll your you you your your your you you your you you your you you you you you

food from face feed forkful feed force fingers flying fed forsake fault fucking fucking feed


[selected words from my journal 5th Dec 2016
as part of the Against English: Dialects, Distortions and New Vocabularies
Poetry School course]

books read recently

Everyday Feminism by Laura Bates
Mama Amazonica by Pascale Petit
Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay
The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown
The Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer
The Lost Chapters: Finding Recovery and Renewal One Book at a Time by Leslie Schwartz

women are spinners

‘Women are spinners and weavers; we are the ones who spin the threads and weave them into meaning and pattern. Like silkworms, we create those threads out of our own substance, pulling the strong, fine fibres out of our own hearts and wombs. It’s time to make some new threads; time to strengthen the frayed wild edges of our own being and then weave ourselves back into the fabric of our culture. Once we knew the patterns for weaving the world; we can piece them together again. Women can heal the Wasteland. We can remake the world. This is what women do. This is our work.’

From If Women Rose Rooted by Sharon Blackie